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      Dr. rer. nat. Sandra Specht successfully defended her PhD thesis in December 2018. Congratulations!!!



        One PhD position as well as M. Sc. and diploma positions available: We are currently looking for motivated students who want to start a project in 2018. If you are interested in enzymology, molecular parasitology, mitochondria and/or redox biology please contact us.



      • Cletus Wezena and the Deponte lab showed in the frame of a collaboration with Gabi Pradel's group that the cytosolic glyoxalases of Plasmodium falciparum are dispensable during asexual blood-stage development (Wezena et al. 2017). This brings the long-lasting question whether the glyoxalase system can be exploited as a drug target to an end.

      • Verena Staudacher showed in the frame of a multidisciplinary collaboration with Bruce Morgan, Madia Trujillo and Rafael Radi that redox-sensitve GFP2 can be used to analyze the inactivation and enzymatic mechanism of peroxiredoxins in real-time in vivo (Staudacher et al. 2018).

      • Sandra Specht and the Deponte lab showed in collaboration with Kai Hell, Margarida Duarte and Ana Tomas that a single cysteine residue renders essential Leishmania Erv incompatible with yeast Mia40 (Specht et al. 2018).

      • Kristina Feld and Fabian Geissel generated and analyzed a gain-of-function mutant of Plasmodium falciparum peroxiredoxin 6 by replacing its conserved active site histidine residue (Feld & Geissel et al. 2019).